Course Description

Content release begins March 27, 2020. Enrollees have lifetime membership to the course so if you can't attend now you will still have access to the content.

All the things I wish I would've known and thought about before starting my business. This includes:

1. Private practice and passive income sources for RDs (this is where we talk about opportunities beyond 1-to-1 counseling)

2. Business basics you MUST know such as structuring your business, picking a name, where to see clients, tax status, and other helpful professionals to get on your team

3. Considerations for an organized business: EMR review, contact information, helpful tools for fax and phone

4. Working with a referring physician's office: Different legal relationships (contractor vs just subletting space vs employee), basic elements of a contract, how to determine rent, smooth referral process

5. Marketing considerations: Thinking about your ideal client, helping clients find you, web presence, marketing plan

6. How to run a discovery call that can convert a prospective client into a paid client.

7. Getting paid: Insurance vs cash pay practice, payment policies, how to become "in-network" aka credential with insurance companies, how to bill, payment considerations, how to accept payments, consolidation of payments, how to deal with denials, package pricing

8. Patient interaction: Process of seeing patients, getting follow-up appointments, important paperwork for patients

Your Instructor

Jessianna Saville, MS, RDN, CSR, LD, CLT

Hi! My name is Jessianna. I am a lover of all things renal nutrition- research, recipes, counseling, etc...! I believe renal dietitians are meant to be powerful influencers in the world of kidney health. Nutrition is absolutely paramount to slow the epidemic of kidney disease and help people live happier lives and stay off of all dialysis and renal dietitians are the best resources to make nutrition therapy a reality for thousands of people. I've had plenty of "Oops and Ah-ha!" moments while starting my own practice and learning the most effective way to apply nutrition for people with early stage CKD. I want to share these lessons so renal dietitians can feel empowered by the many possibilities at their talented fingertips to make a difference with CKD.

2020 Course Schedule

Two hours of pre-recorded class curriculum will be released every Friday. There will be a live recap of the content with live Q&A every Thursday following the release for the new content. All live sessions will also be recorded if you can't make the live sessions!

Week 1

  • Friday, Mar 27 Prerecorded content released
  • Thursday, April 2: Live Q&A at 1PM EST
  • Topics Covered: Vision, business basics, working with nephrologists, organizational considerations, EMR's

Week 2

  • Friday, Apr 3, Prerecorded content released
  • Thursday, April 9: Live Q&A at 1 PM EST
  • Topics Covered: Ideal client profiles, marketing considerations, marketing plan creation, discovery calls

Week 3

  • Friday, Apr 10, Prerecorded content released
  • Thursday, April 16: Live Q&A at 1 PM EST w/ Steve Della Croce, RD from Nutrition Management
  • Topics Covered: Deciding on cash based vs insurance based practice, how to get started with insurance, resources, financial tracking systems

Week 4

  • Friday, Apr 17, Prerecorded content released
  • Thursday April 23, Live Q&A at 1 PM EST
  • Topics Covered: Systems, processes, essential forms

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2020 CKD Deep Dive Business Essentials

Kelly Walker

As a dialysis RD I have always felt like I could be doing more to help those with CKD. Jess has simplified the process for any RD looking into starting their...

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As a dialysis RD I have always felt like I could be doing more to help those with CKD. Jess has simplified the process for any RD looking into starting their own private practice! The content and tools she has provided are invaluable as I expand my career both personally and professionally.

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