Course Description

*Note: Course content will begin to be released starting on May 22, 2020. 

1. Deep dive into the details of the digestive system and how it impacts health

2. Learn about the kidney-gut axis

3. Be introduced to the functional and integrative nutritional mindset

4. Understand how a precision medicine approach can make your work more impactful

5. Gut-healing tools for kidney patients

6. Supplements to use and avoid for patients with kidney disease

7. Medication - supplement interactions and how to evaluate these

8. How to use a functional/integrative approach without alienating your nephrologist

Your Instructor

Lindsey Zirker, MS, RD, CSR, LD

Hi, I'm Lindsey. I've been studying nutrition and health since... well, my mom grew an herb garden and taught me to read food labels before the age of 10. Over the past 10 years, I've come to love working in renal nutrition and enjoy finding way to blend a holistic upbringing with conventional training to help my patients on dialysis as well as those with stage 3-5 CKD. I love being a renal dietitian. Some days can be challenging because our patients have such complex issues to work with, but as we embrace new ideas and opportunities, dietitians are uniquely poised to make significant differences in the lives of those suffering from kidney disease.

2020 Course Schedule

All content will be recorded and available for lifetime access

Week 1
  • May 22, Prerecorded content release
  • May 28, Live Q&A, 1 PM EST
  • Topics covered:  Overview of nutrition, gut health, and CKD; using a precision medicine mindset

Week 2

  • May 29, Prerecorded content release
  • June 4, Live Q&A, 1 PM EST
  • Topics covered:  Kidney-gut axis, gut healing principles for practice

Week 3

  • June 5, Prerecorded content release
  • June 11, Live Q&A, 1 PM EST
  • Topics covered: Supplement Overview for CKD, thyroid considerations

Week 4

  • June 12, Prerecorded content release
  • June 18, Live Q&A, 1 PM EST
  • Topics covered: Practical application of holistic principles within a western-based practice, tools and resources, planning patient treatment plans