Course Description

*Note: All course content, except lectures, will begin on April 24. 12 CPE available for this course

This course is a deep dive into MNT for chronic kidney disease including:

1. Understanding the physiological impacts and prognosis of each stage of kidney disease.

2. Review of current KDOQI and KDIGO recommendations for CKD

3. In depth review of hot topics in CKD MNT such as sodium, protein intake, plant-based diets, etc...

4. Nutritional priorities and approach for stage 3 CKD

5. Nutritional priorities and approach for stage 4 CKD

6. Lab interpretation and medications to be familiar with

Your Instructor

Jessianna Saville, MS, RDN, CSR, LD, CLT

Hi! My name is Jessianna. I am a lover of all things renal nutrition- research, recipes, counseling, etc...! I believe renal dietitians are meant to be powerful influencers in the world of kidney health. Nutrition is absolutely paramount to slow the epidemic of kidney disease and help people live happier lives and stay off of all dialysis and renal dietitians are the best resources to make nutrition therapy a reality for thousands of people. I've had plenty of "Oops and Ah-ha!" moments while starting my own practice and learning the most effective way to apply nutrition for people with early stage CKD. I want to share these lessons so renal dietitians can feel empowered by the many possibilities at their talented fingertips to make a difference with CKD.

2020 Course Schedule

All live content will be recorded and available within 48 hours after the session

     Week 1
  • Apr 24, Prerecorded content released
  • Apr 30, Live Q&A 1 PM EST
  • Topics Covered: CKD Overview, nutritional priorities, understanding stages and prognosis of kidney disease, KDOQI/KDIGO, intro to 8 pillars of preserving function
Week 2
  • May 1, Prerecorded content released
  • May 7, Live Q&A 1 PM EST
  • Topics Covered: Hot topics and unanswered questions (Anemia, protein, etc...), Overview MNT for CKD Stage 3 vs 4/5
Week 3
  • May 8, Prerecorded content released
  • May 14, Live Q&A 1 PM EST
  • Topics Covered: MNT for stage 4/5 CKD; Counseling perspective for CKD (FAQ, common misconceptions, important resources)
Week 4
  • May 15, Prerecorded content released
  • May 21, Live Q&A, 1 PM EST
  • Topics Covered: PKD, oxalates, autoimmune considerations, very low protein diets and ketoanalogues