Why This Course? 

What if there is a DIFFERENT way to do Keto?

Ketogenic diets were the TOP diet search of 2020—by far! With over 25.4 million Google searches for “keto diet”, it’s clear that this popular diet trend is here to stay.

But what about for our kidney patients? Standard practice for optimal nutrition for kidney health would say that a keto diet is absolutely off the table for kidney patients. "What if there was a different way to do keto?" This was our question. 

Can we do a kidney-friendly keto? 

If emerging research on diabetes and PKD is positive then can we leverage this therapy safely? What if we took out the pop-culture images of greasy piles of bacon and giant steaks and instead took a plant-based approach to keto? And what if this type of diet was actually GOOD for some of our kidney patients? 

Take the guess work out of keto in the kidney world with our course: 

“Considering the Kidneys: Plant-focused Ketogenic Therapy”.

Instructor Diana Bruen MS, RD uses her gift of translating complicated science into understandable action to teach you HOW a ketogenic diet can safely be implemented in the kidney patient population.  

Over three 2-hour sessions, you’ll learn topics like:

- Background on ketogenic diets

- Lab values of import for ketogenic diet monitoring

- Strategic meal planning for ketosis

- Scientific background for PKD and dietary interventions

- Common patient pitfalls and what to do

Each session ends with a Q&A to clarify any subjects discussed, so you won’t leave with a laundry list of questions. If they haven’t asked you already, you know your kidney patients will soon: “I heard about keto—is that something I can do?”

Be ready for those questions with confident answers! Your patients see you as the nutritional expert—and we are here to help you #betheexpert they need.