Nutrition care for folks with renal disease is complex...and exciting!

Nutrition plays an enormous role in quality of life and overall outcomes.

As I look back on my journey as a renal dietitian I realize that I have pieced together my knowledge from four places: pharmaceutical reps and events, professional conferences, email listservs, and reading tons and tons of research articles. That is not an unusual path, but often that of most clinicians mastering renal nutrition.

At some point, I felt like there was a gap in my education as a renal dietitian. As I became busier with a young, growing family I didn’t have as much time to casually read every journal topic that would cross my path. I realized that topics that weren’t tied to pharmaceutical products (such as magnesium, PD and kinetics, Vitamin D intake, to name a few) started becoming less important. But I missed diving deep into topics to figure out questions that came in QI meetings or to figure out why my patient wasn’t doing well or hitting certain blood parameters even though all traditional recs were being followed to a tee.

Renal Nutrition Mastery was born to offer a place where expert renal dietitians can offer in-depth education on important, but less discussed, renal nutrition topics while offering valuable CPE credits to practitioners.

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Jessianna Saville, MS, RDN, CSR, LD, CLT
Renal Nutrition Founder